Author Arin Murphy-Hiscock of The Green Witch has written a follow up about creating your own grimoire. A Grimoire is a journal of sorts filled with information you have learned on your journey on this magickal path. Some grimoire’s contain rituals, experiences, spells, definitions, and ideas. Each is unique tool to each person on this path. Some may find creating their grimoire a bit daunting, but this book guides the reader with information and inspiration on setting up your own version.
For those who are still new and need some help with general practice, basic spells or rituals, it would be recommended to check out the authors other book, The Green Witch first.

This guide is broken down into two parts. The first part is ‘Designing your grimoire’ while part two covers ‘Using your Grimoire’. Each part has 5 chapters and several subsections in each chapter. While it’s best to read front to back, these sections can be easily found to reference later as needed.

Chapter One focuses on What is a Grimoire. The author dives into grimoires through history, what it typically contains, the three functions, and brainstorming to planning. The reader is developing their personal record of their workings and the author provides an easy to read guide of helping the reader set up for success.

Next, we take a look at designing the Grimoire. Since a grimoire is personal, there are numerous ways to set one up. The reader must decide the size, do they want a bound book or a binder for easy access to add in sections and pages. Some witches prefer a pocket size to take with them everywhere they go, while others may decide a digital version is more their style.

Once this has been decided, the fun begins with creating the grimoire. This section covers everything from deciding the type of paper, ink and pens, the cover, and of course the book blessing. Once you have these basics figured out, setting up the grimoire is pretty easy. The author continues to guide the reader with set up and reviews ways of adding plants and nature based elements and entries into their own book.

Once the reader is complete with Part 1, they move into Part 2 that covers Using your Green Witch Grimoire. This includes connecting with spirits, basic Green Witch techniques and creating sacred space. The remaining sections take a look at using the grimoire in spell work and energy, divination recording rituals, journaling tips and honoring your grimoire.

The book wraps up with a chapter on personal development within the Green Witch path. At the end is also a great cheat sheet to reference and add to your grimoire of correspondences and magical associations. This mini list includes herbs and plants, magical associations of fruit, trees, crystals and stones, and colors.

For those who are new to the path, The Green Witch’s Grimoire is a great companion book to The Green Witch. The inviting writing style is easy to understand and takes you by the hand to get started on this magical path.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Arin Murphy-Hiscock
Adams Media, 2020
pp. 256, $16.99